Jama’ah Muslimin Launches Thousand Olive Tree Waqf Program for Gaza

Jakarta, MINA – Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) as a forum for Muslim unity launches the Productive waqf program for planting 1,000 olive trees which are donated for the citizens of Gaza, Palestine.

Muqorrobin Al Ayubi as the coordinator of the Waqf program told MINA on Tuesday that the planting of 1,000 olive waqf trees will be carried out periodically and the olive trees will be planted in the gardens of Gazans in various areas with the name of donor in each tree.

“For those who want to give donations for planting this olive waqf tree, they can be channeled with a donation of funds per tree for 12 Sheikel or the equivalent of Rp. 60,000 (sixty thousand rupiah) including the transfer of feeke Gaza,” said Ayub, one of the volunteers from Al Fatah Islamic Boarding in the construction of Indonesia Hospital Phase Two in Gaza which was initiated by MER-C and he just returned to Indonesia.

He said this program started with the first planting of 33 olive trees on Sunday which came from the donation of the volunteers of the second phase of the Indonesian Hospital. The olive tree planting was carried out in a garden owned by a martyr’s orphan in Jabalia, North Gaza.

“Planting olive trees is also a gift for the people of Gaza, Palestine, which has been blockaded for more than 13 years,” he said.

Ayub also explained that the selection of olive trees as productive waqf is because the tree is is blessed and it is mentioned in the Quran.

Meanwhile, according to the researchers, the olive tree took four years to produce its fruit, but after that the tree would still bear fruit for thousands of years.

“This program is motivated by the many olive trees that were burned, uprooted, and even given chemical fertilizers by the Israeli occupation authorities. Meanwhile, from the economic review, Zaitun can also raise the economy of Palestinians, especially in Gaza,” he said.

One of the products of the olive tree is olive oil which is very beneficial for both health and beauty.

Rasulullah SAW also mentioned some of the virtues of olives in His words. As narrated by Sayyid Al-Ansari, Rasulullah SAW suggested to eat olive oil and use the oil for massage because olives are sacred trees from heaven (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah).

He hopes that the Olive Tree Waqf Program can be part of the struggle for Palestinian independence and the return of Al-Aqsa to the hands of the Muslims. As well as the rewards that continue to flow to donors, as long as the tree is useful.

For those who want to become donors of this Productive Waqf Program, either individually or as an institution, can channel aid through an account on behalf of the Committee for the Waqf Program for Planting 1,000 Olive Trees in Gaza-Palestine: 1) BNI Account No 0502293213 (Taufik Ismail; 2) BRI Syariah Account No 1033348092 KCP Bogor Cileungsi (Taufik Ismail) and can confirm to the Mobile number: 0896-9672-7081 (Taufik Ismail). (L/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)