Israeli Occupation Renews Administrative Detention of Palestinian Journalist

Photo:M Shaaban/MINA

Gaza, MINA – Israeli occupation intelligence renewed the administrative detention of journalist Hazem Nasser from Tulkarm.

Special sources reported that the occupation intelligence renewed the administrative detention of photographer Nasser for a period of 3 months for the second time in a row, MINA’s Contribuitor in Gaza reported.

At the end of July, the Occupation Court in Ofer transferred him to administrative detention for a period of 6 months, starting after the end of his sentence for a period of 3 months.

The occupation forces arrested journalist Nasser after he was arrested east of Tulkarm while covering confrontations with the occupation that coincided with the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza on May 12.

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On July 14, Salem Military Court issued a sentence of three months in prison for him.

According to the Prisoners’ Information Office, the occupation added to the actual prison sentence a clause that includes converting it to administrative detention, which is considered retaliation for his right to work in the field of journalism.

Nasser is a former prisoner who was arrested more than once in the prisons of the occupation, and he is a former political detainee in the prisons the Palestinian Authority, where he was arrested and summoned by its security services. (L-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)