Israeli Occupation Prevents Governor of Jerusalem from Communicating with President

Photo: AA

Jerusalem, MINA – The Israeli occupation authorities handed, on Thursday evening, the Governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, a decision preventing him from communicating with President Mahmoud Abbas and 50 Palestinian figures.

The decision also includes preventing him from communicating with a number of members of the Central Committee and Palestinian national and security leaders.

It comes as a renewal of two previous decisions, stipulating restricting Ghaith’s movement and communication, and his presence in the city of Jerusalem, except for his place of residence in the town of Silwan .

Ghaith commented on these decisions, saying: “These decisions will not prevent us from our duty to continue doing everything possible with the rest of our people to reach freedom and independence and establish the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital . ”

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He stressed that these unfair decisions coincide with the siege and isolation of the city and the targeting of its people and the translation of a package of legislation that targets our identity, our history and our heritage, and the Governor of Jerusalem conveyed his greetings to all our people, especially those who hold on to coals from the eminence and freedom of the capital .

It came after he was summoned this evening to the Detention Center in Al-Maskobiyya, and in continuation of restrictions and harassment against the Governor of Jerusalem, Ghaith, who was previously subjected to many arrests and similar unjust. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)