Israeli Forces Arrest 7 Palestinian Citizens, Including Deputy in Legislative Council

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

West Bank, MINA – Last night, the Israeli occupation forces launched a massive arrest campaign in separate areas of the occupied West Bank.

According to local sources, these Israeli military forces carried out raids on Palestinian citizens’ homes in Jenin, Qalqilya, and Salfit, and arrested 7 citizens.

Similar operations were also carried out in other areas without any arrests being reported.

In Salfit, the occupation forces arrested the representative of the Legislative Council, Nasser Abdel-Gawad, after storming his house in Deir Ballut, west of Salfit.

Meanwhile, in Jenin, the liberated prisoner Mahmoud Qasrawi, and the two young men, Tamer Al-Khatib and Khaled Yassin, were arrested.

From Qalqilya, the liberated prisoner Mujahid Nofal, and the two young men, Anas Suleiman, and Ismail Al-Jabalawy were arrested.

In its annual report on violations of the Israeli occupation, the media office of Hamas in the West Bank recorded the arrest of (5,286) citizens during the past year 2021. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)