Isra Mi’raj Must Be Understood with a Suprarational Approach

Jakarta, MINA – Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Anwar Abbas said that the Isra Mi’raj event for Muslims is an event that must be understood with a suprarational approach.

“Rationally, this incident is clearly very difficult to accept. “Therefore, Isra Mi’raj must be understood with a supra-rational approach, the distance traveled by the Prophet Muhammad in Isra and Mi’raj to get to Arsy is certainly further than the distance between planets known to humans,” said Buya Anwar in a written statement, in Jakarta on Thursday

If you use a rational approach, according to him, the meaning of the Isra and Mi’raj events is clearly something that is impossible, especially if you measure it using the means of transportation that existed at that time, namely camels and/or horses.

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“Therefore, to understand the Isra and Mi’raj events, you must be able to approach and understand them using an approach called a supra-rational approach, namely using a faith approach,” he added.

According to him, Allah created this universe. Allah also created the distance between planets. “So Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala with his omnipotence, will be able to make the Prophet Muhammad’s Isra’ and Mi’raj in a short time over a very long distance. The Isra and Mi’raj events only lasted between 5-8 hours,” explained Buya Anwar.

He conveyed that the Prophet Muhammad explained to his friends and the Quraysh infidels about the events he had just experienced, obviously they would not believe it, but Abu Bakr accepted and confirmed the Prophet’s story. Because, for Abu Bakar, Muhammad was a Messenger of Allah.

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“Because Allah ordered Muhammad to travel in a short time, covering long distances for Allah was very easy. “The Prophet Muhammad gave the title Abu Bakar As-shiddiq because he was the first person to accept and confirm this incident,” explained Buya Anwar.

Did Abu Bakr use a rational approach to justify the story about the Isra Mi’raj event? Of course the answer is no. But, according to Buya Anwar, philosophically Abu Bakar used an approach called suprarational. In religious or theological language, according to him, Abu Bakar received the story of the incident using the lens of faith.

“We believe that Allah wills it so He just needs to say Kun (there is) fayakun (then it is) what He wants,” said Buya Anwar. From the Isra and Mi’raj events, Muslims can learn a lesson that science and technology cannot be compared with the knowledge and power and ability of God.

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Because science and technology and human capabilities are very limited. Meanwhile, God’s knowledge and power and abilities are great and unlimited. “Isra and Mi’raj events are part of science and technology, we have no right to brag about them,” said Buya Anwar. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)