International Stop Supplying Israel with Raw Materials for Weapons

Gaza, MINA – Many foreign countries and companies have stopped supplying Israel with the raw materials it uses to manufacture weapons and ammunition in an attempt to fill the shortage in its stock against the backdrop of the genocide it has been waging since last October 7 on the Gaza Strip, Wafa reported on Tuesday.

European arms suppliers also stopped responding to Israeli requests in this regard.

This came according to what the Israeli economic newspaper Calcalist revealed in a report reported today pointing to a “silent and unofficial boycott” targeting Israel by a “foreign power other than the United States.”

It said that it “has refused since October 7 to supply Israel with the raw materials used in the production of ammunition that is manufactured in Israel.”

The newspaper pointed to mounting concerns among officials in the Israeli Ministry of Security and the military establishment about “an evolving reality” represented by “a shortage of ammunition after several countries around the world unofficially suspended trade relations with Israel in the field of weapons and ammunition. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)