Indonesia Prepares Three Hajj Pilgrimage Departure Schemes Next Year

Jakarta, MINA – The Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia has begun to prepare a scheme for the departure of the pilgrims for the year 1442H/2021.

The Director General of Haj and Umrah Nizar said that his party would prepare three pilgrimage departure schemes next year.

“For the departure of the 1442H haj pilgrims, we will prepare three schemes,” explained Nizar in Jakarta, as quoted by on Wednesday.

According to him, three schemes are prepared because of the Covid-19 pandemic that is currently hitting Indonesia and the world, it is not certain when it will end.

The first scheme, if Covid-19 does not exist or conditions are normal and the hajj quota returns to normal. Those who canceled their departure this year will depart in 2021.

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For pilgrimss who initially departed in 2021, they will step down the following year. “Unless, next year Indonesia gets an additional quota,” he said.

The second scheme, covid has not completely disappeared so that there are restrictions or reduction of quotas.

“If it is announced that it is reduced by 50 percent from the current quota, of course there will be pilgrims who will leave again. This will also result in a longer waiting list, “he said.

Reducing the quota to 50 percent, said Nizar, will also have an impact on additional costs. Especially if the service process, both flights, accommodation, and consumption, must apply health protocols.

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The aviation aspect, for example, an airplane that can usually accommodate 400 passengers, will only be filled with 200 people. Likewise, congregational buses in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, only 50 percent of passengers are allowed.

“Of course, the health protocol will also be implemented in the Hajj dormitories, including the provision of swab services and isolation rooms,” said Nizar.

The third scheme, said Nizar, if the Covid outbreak was still high and could not be handled, there was a possibility that the pilgrims could cancel the pilgrimage.

“This scheme will continue to be matured in accordance with developments in the handling of Covid in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the world,” he said. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)