Imaam Yakhsyallah: Al-Aqsa to Free If All Muslims United

photo: Abdullah/MINA

Bogor, MINA – Imaam Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) Yakhsyallah Mansur emphasized that the Al-Aqsa Mosque could be liberated and Palestine can be free if all Muslims united.

“The unity of Muslims is part of Islamic law, as well as shahada, prayer, fasting, and other guidance of Allah,” said Imaam Yakhsyallah at an international webinar organized by the Aqsa Working Group (AWG) with the theme “Building Universal Cooperation in the Liberation of Al Aqsa and Palestine,” on Saturday at At-Taqwa Mosque, Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School, Cileungsi, Bogor Regency.

The AWG coach is also confident that Muslims around the world will be able to unite together in Islamic leadership. The unity of Muslims as Islamic law is the guidance of Allah.To unite the Muslims, it must be in accordance with the guidance of Allah.

“The unity of Muslims is the main goal of religion, the obligation of the Sharia. Even the smallest effort to unite Muslims is recorded by Allah as an effort to liberate Al-Aqsa, “he said.

Therefore, continued Imaam Yakhsyallah, to realize the unity of Muslims, we must cooperate with each other in kindness and piety, and stay away from divisions, not berate each other, also avoid disobedience and enmity.

He emphasized that Al-Quds is the capital of Palestine, the liberation of Al-Quds, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine from the shackles of colonialism must be a collective obligation of Muslims around the world outlined by Allah SWT and should be carried out through a unified movement under the leadership of the follow in the footsteps of prophecy.

“The liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque requires the unity of the people. The leadership unity follows in the footsteps of prophecy, “he stressed.

Al-Quds was released during the time of Caliph Umar and Saladin Al-Ayubi.

Imaam argued, Caliph Umar strengthened the unity of the people and leadership following in the footsteps of prophethood. There is no Islam except in congregation.

Saladin Al-Ayubi succeeded in liberating Al-Aqsa from the hands of the crusaders, by uniting Muslims in Syria, Egypt and other areas. Just be able to free Al-Aqsa.

Until the Ottoman Caliphate tried to protect Al-Aqsa.

“I did not sell the land an inch of Palestine, the land of the Muslims. The land of the Muslims got it with their blood and soul, ”said Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the AWG Presidium M. Anshorullah in his remarks said that this international webinar this time coincided with the AWG’s 13th anniversary and was also part of a series of events on the 1442 H. Muslim Jama’ah Virtual Center Taklim (Hizbullah).

AWG, which was founded in 2008, is an institution formed in order to accommodate and manage the efforts of Muslims for the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine.

The international webinar presented the Director of the Middle East of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) Hendraning Kobarsyih and the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Zuhair Al Shun as key speakers. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)