Hamas: Time to Move Weapons from Gaza to West Bank

Gaza, MINA – Khalil al-Hayya, a member of Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement Political Bureau said, “It is time for Hamas in Gaza to move its weapons to the Palestinian struggle, the loss of territory cannot be recorded in our lives.”

In his speech at a popular conference facing the annexation and Deal of the Century which was done virtually. Quds Press reported on Wednesday.

He stated “Our weapons are legitimate and our fingers are the trigger, and the decision is in our hands.”

“We will move at the right time to protect Palestine, even if it will be achieved with difficulty,” he said

Al-Hayya gave a warning to the Israeli occupation aimed at stealing land, judging Jerusalem, and annexing land in the West Bank.

He delivered a message to Palestinians in the West Bank, “We in Gaza will support you and stand behind you. We will fight the occupation and teach the enemy a lesson. There is no room to wait. ”

Al-Hayya also stressed that it was time for the Palestinian people to heal their wounds and unite the line to face the attempt to steal Palestinian land.

He continued, “We support our brothers in other factions, and we invite them to accelerate the formulation of a clear plan of action to deal with annexation.”

He stressed, the time had come for words to turn into deeds. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)