Hamas Talks With Saudi to Release Palestinian Detainees

Gaza, MINA – Hamas representative Basem Na’im on Wednesday said they are in talk with Saudi Arabia to release Palestinians held by Riyadh on “terror” Charges.

Quoted from Anadolu Agency, Na’im expects the faith of the prisoner decided before the holy Month, Ramadan, which will be toward the end of April.

According to him, 62 Palestinians facing charges in the Kingdom for ‘supporting terrorist groups.”

“While, Palestinian have live in Saudi for decades and contributed to development of the Kingdom and supported Saudi society,” he said.

He explained some prisoners were in ” constant contact and communications with Saudi officials on several file” and working in coordinating with the authorities in Riyadh.

A Second trial session is scheduled to be held in Mei, but Na’im predicts that the issue will be closed before Ramadhan.

Commenting on the tension in relations between Saudi Arabia and Hamas, he said that, “The most prominent change that has now emerged is the so-called new American vision of peace or (Deal of the Century].”

“Hamas still making contacts, either directly or through mediators, with Saudi Arabia with the aim of releasing the detainees and discussing other issues related to the Kingdom,” Na’im pointed out.

He emphasised Hamas’s policy of openness and neutrality in disputes across the region, and stressed Saudi Arabia’s long history of supporting the Palestinian cause and all forms of resistance to the occupation. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)