Gaza’s Incendiary Balloons Cause Power Outages in Israeli Settlements

Gaza Strip, MINA – Incendiary balloons launched by Gaza youth causing burn down illegal Jewish settlement areas in the Gaza Strip and cut off electricity.

Shehab News reported that as quoted by MINA, several large fires broke out in illegal settlements in the Gaza Strip on Sunday caused by incendiary balloons for Gaza which are still being launched.

“Several fires broke out in Gaza envelope settlements today, Sunday, as a result of falling incendiary balloons launched by youths from the Gaza Strip, in resistance to the continuing Zionist blockade of Israel on the Gaza Strip,” the report said.

Hebrew Channels reported that the incendiary balloon collided with a power pole, causing a power cut at Kibbutz Maflasim.

“As a result of the blackout, for the first time a backup power generator was activated in the area, indicating that the blackout was unprecedented,” the source said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)