FOZ-MINA News Agency Explores Cooperation to Improve Zakat Socialization

Organizations Zakat Forum (FOZ) and MINA News Agency (photo: MINA)

Jakarta, MINA – The Association of Indonesian Zakat Management Organizations Zakat Forum (FOZ) and MINA News Agency agreed to establish cooperation in improving socialization and education regarding zakat and the role of amil zakat in realizing community welfare and poverty reduction.

It was stated during a visit by FOZ delegation at MINA Headquarters, MER-C Building Jakarta on Friday, March 13.

“As you know, MINA is a Muslim mass media which has influence in Indonesia in spreading Islamic, educative and trusted news. So, it is our hope to be able to establish hospitality in order to create collaborative works that have a positive impact on the zakat movement and Indonesia, “said FOZ Secretary General, Nana Sudiana.

During his visit, FOZ Secretary General Nana Sudiana came with Support for Field I (Advocacy) and Field II (Cooperation and Synergy) of Ramadani; and Media Coordinator Novi Rina Wati; received by the Chief Editor of MINA News Agency Ismet Rauf, editorial secretary Widi Kusnadi, and Head of Coverage Rana Setiawan.

FOZ Secretary General Nana explained that the Zakat Forum which was established in 1997 was an association of Zakat management institutions that functioned as a forum for the gathering of Amil Zakat Agencies (BAZ) and Amil Zakat Institutions (LAZ) throughout Indonesia.

“A total of 147 zakat management organizations that are members of FOZ at present are assets that need to be managed and optimized properly,” he said.

According to Nana, the Zakat forum as an association of zakat management organizations has the task to elaborate the potential that exists in all institutions so that the benefits of zakat are more optimal for both muzaki and mustahik, especially in efforts to reduce poverty in Indonesia.

“FOZ hopes that the direction of zakat movement can be combined with the spirit of synergy and strong collaboration between the government through the ministry of religion, Baznas as a mandator of the Zakat Management Law and community through amil zakat institutions, both at the national, provincial, and city or district levels,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Chief Editor of MINA News Agency, Ismet Rauf welcomed it. MINA News Agency is ready to work together to develop socialization and education programs on Zakat through the media.

It is ready to have a channel and a special space in online media published in three languages ​​(Indonesian, English, and Arabic) to facilitate writings on the literacy of Zakat and Islamic economics.

“MINA News Agency is the ‘spokesperson’ for Muslims who have an important role in introducing zakat to Muslims at large, creating awareness and changing the attitudes and behavior of Muslims in zakat,” he added.

History of the Zakat Forum

Organizations Zakat Forum (FOZ) was established on Friday, 19 September 1997 by 11 institutions consisting of Dompet Dhuafa, Republika, DKI Jakarta Bazis, Baitul Mal Pupuk Kujang, Baitul Mal Pupuk Kaltim, Baitul Mal Pertamina, Telkom Jakarta, Bapekis Bank Bumi Daya, Financial Institutions Syariah Bank Muamalat Indonesia, PT Internusa Hasta Buana and the Indonesian College of Economics (STIE) Jakarta.

At its inception, FOZ took the form of a foundation, but since the First National Deliberation Meeting (Mukernas I) on 7-9 January 1999, the foundation’s status was changed to an association with its General Chair, Drs Eri Sudewo.

The change in legal entity from the Foundation to Association was then recorded in a notary as a Society. This association is the legal entity which is currently owned by FOZ and has been recorded in the official gazette.

In closing the visit, the two parties gave each other souvenirs in the form of a treasury book produced by each party.

MINA News Agency History

MINA News Agency published in three languages ​​(Indonesian, Arabic, English), was inaugurated by the Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament Marzuki Alie on December 18, 2012, in the Hall of the Hamya Buya Al-Azhar Grand Mosque, South Jakarta.

MINA was established by the Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Network, the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) emergency organization, and the Silaturahim Radio Network (Rasil). MINA is a follow-up of the Bandung Conference for the Liberation of Al-Aqsa and Palestine which took place on 4-5 July 2012 in Bandung, West Java.

The first founder, general leader and editor in chief of MINA was H.M. Hamidy, Imaam Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah), a press figure who has long served as Secretary of the Antara National News Agency (LKBN).

MINA is centered on the MER-C Building 1st Floor Jl. Kramat Lontar J-157 Senen, Central Jakarta, currently has several domestic and abroad correspondents, including in Gaza Palestine, Sudan’s Khartoum, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. In addition to domestic as in Bandar Lampung, Aceh, Banten, Bandung to NTT.

MINA News Agency is currently under General Leader Arief Rahman and Editor in Chief Ismet Rauf.

MINA, aside from being a news agency, also cooperates with various agencies, companies, organizations, both government and private in the field of public relations, journalistic training, publishing house, and organizing events (Event Organizer). (T/RE1)

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