Find Peace in Salat

By: Nur Farida

When someone faces big problems, he would feel sad, depressed, and stressed.  If he can not overcome it, then he will get worse both for him and the people around.

However, Propeth Muhammad Rasullullah Shalallahu alaihi wasallam gave a perfect solution for it, that is salat or do prayer. When he felt exhausted because of so many activities, he would salat to calm his heart and mind so they would still be under control. 

He also often asked Bilal bin Rabbah to adhan when he felt that way, “ O, Bilal, please stand up and adhan. Give us rest with salat “ (HR Abu Dawud). In other hadist, Rasulullah considered salat as a way to find peace of mind because salat is a worship containing dhikr, the activities that make us remember Allah, and also meaningful prayer. In ar-Ra’d [13]: 28, for mu’min,  dhikr can calm and comfort the heart.

Salat can soothe an anxious heart, soul, and mind because in prayer, someone will leave all their activities behind and stand before Allah to communicate with Him. 

In Asrar ash-Salah,  Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyyah said, when we perform salat, our heart and body focus on Allah. Therefore, we will receive Allah’s kindness. However, our heart will receive more kindness than our body because there is joy and happiness in our heart when we perform it. 

If we perform it solemnly, then we will feel tranquility and the body will also feel refreshed so we have energy to go back to work and face all unbearable problems and difficulties in life. (AT/ri/RE1)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)