Figures Call on Reconciliation After National Election

Jakarta, MINA – Some of Indonesian figures (scholars, experts and intellectuals) call on reconciliation of all Indonesian citizens after the national election which has had on last April 17.

Prof. Mahfud MD, an expert on constitutional law said, people power of Indonesian have been showed off in April 17. They showed their decision to make changes. let’s accept the results with pleasure.

Chairman of the rabbithah alawiyah, Habib Zen bin Smith said the result of elections is important, but more importantly is our unity as one nation, we are all the sons and daughters of Indonesia.

The famous figures, KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym) said, let’s avoid words, attitudes and deeds that can harm our unity and harm the birth of a just decision.

Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) deputy chairman, KH. Zainut Tauhid said let’s end the call of “cebong and kampret”.

The archbishop of Jakarta, Ignatius Suharno stated, the history of our nation from ancient times to the present is always a history of unifying. That is what so called a wisdom. I am sure that slowly, reconciliation will come true. (P2/)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)