Director of Al-Mojamma Al-Islami Palestine Visits the Office of MUI and Muhammadiyah

Manager Director of Al-Mojamma Al-Islami Association, Khan Yunis, Gaza, Palestine, Muhammad Ismail Hamdan Al-Masri (left) with Head of LHKI PP Muhammadiyah KH Drs Imam Addaruqutni MA. (Photo: MINA)

Jakarta, MINA – Manager Director of Al-Mojamma Al-Islami Association, Khan Yunis, Gaza, Palestine, Muhammad Ismail Hamdan Al-Masri paid a friendly visit to the office of the Institute for International Relations and Cooperation (LHKI) of Muhammadiyah Central Executive in Jakarta on Thursday.

The visit was in the framework of establishing friendship and exploring cooperation in humanitarian programs in the field of education in the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

The visit was welcomed by the Head of LHKI PP Muhammdiyah KH Drs Imam Addaruqutni MA, along with the staff.

Imam Addaruqutni explained that the purpose of this gathering was to increase awareness of the struggle of Muslims in Palestine, as a country that claims to be independent and sovereign, because Palestine and Indonesia are two countries that mutually support independence.

“Indonesia is very concerned about the conditions in Palestine and of course supports all efforts to defend our brothers and sisters there. Of course, Muhammadiyah has concern regarding the suffering of brothers and sisters in Palestine,” said Imam.

Regarding the exploration of educational cooperation, it can be carried out at Muhammadiyah, where the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia has initiated scholarship programs for minority and oppressed Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Palestine.

“They can study at Muhammadiyah universities in Indonesia,” said the Chairman of PP Pemuda Muhammadiyah during the solemn period of 1998-2002.

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Meanwhile, Ismail Hamdan explained, Al-Mojamma Al-Islami Association, Khan Younis is a charitable institution founded in 1978 AD by obtaining a license from the Palestinian ministry of interior and education.

The association works to provide educational services through educational incubators represented by the Al-Aqsa Model School which houses more than 2,200 students; hundreds of them are orphans.

This institution is also a forum for providing assistance services to thousands of orphans and poor families in the Gaza strip.

The Al Mojamma Al Islami Association is working hard and collaborating with organizations inside and outside the Gaza Strip as it seeks to provide financial allocations to support this blessed program.

Hamdan also revealed that the condition of Gaza, which has been blockaded for 17 years, is getting more difficult because the situation of the Gulf countries that have been helping it, is now almost significantly reduced due to restrictions from their government.

“Our educational foundation, which has three schools with 1,000 students and six kindergartens with 3,000 children in Gaza, is experiencing a crisis, because that is especially true after 2017, aid to Gaza has become increasingly difficult,” he concluded.

Visit to the office of MUI

Previously, Hamdan Al-Masri also paid a friendly visit to the Office of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in Central Jakarta on Tuesday.

The visit was welcomed by the Secretary General of the MUI, Buya Amirsyah Tambunan and the Chairman of the MUI for Foreign Relations and International Cooperation (HLN-KI), Sudarnoto Abdullah Hakim, the Chairperson of the MUI HLN-KI Commission Bunyan Saptomo, along with staff.

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Buya Amirsyah explained, the purpose of this gathering was to raise awareness for the struggle of Muslims in Palestine, as a country that claims to be independent and sovereign, because Palestine and Indonesia are two countries that mutually support independence.

He explained that the MUI had planned the construction of an Indonesian Hospital in Hebron, Palestine which was expected to be completed in 2023 and could be of benefit to the Palestinian people.

“This hospital is specifically for trauma healing victims affected by the war. This hospital can help the Palestinian people,” he explained.

Buya Amirsyah Tambunan conveyed a prayer for the safety of Muslims in Palestine in his prayer Buya Amirsyah read the prayer of the Prophet Musa AS and quoted a prayer from Al-Isra verse 80.

“We continue to pray for Indonesian Muslims that the Muslims in Palestine will be given strength and patience by Allah to face the Zionists,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sudarnoto conveyed that the attitude of the Indonesian people and nation was consistent in defending the struggle of the Palestinian people and nation to gain their independence from the Israeli occupation.

“This meeting aims to tie ties of friendship as well as invite collaboration in the humanitarian field. This meeting was also held so that MUI continues to help Palestine in various ways and that MUI can provide support for programs to empower Palestinians,” said Sudarnoto.

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According to him, support for Palestinian independence is the mandate of the Indonesian constitution and at the same time the heart of Indonesia’s foreign policy which will continue to be of great concern until Palestinian independence is realized.

“Indonesia’s attitude to this moment towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has always been consistent, continuing to call on the international community, especially the United Nations, to stop various acts of violence and the Israeli military,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Hamdan explained that he had come to the MUI to express his gratitude to the MUI for its role and concern for the suffering of the Palestinian people. “We hope this will continue,” he said.

During the meeting, Hamdan conveyed the current conditions at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Gaza Strip.

“We have conveyed the latest situation to the MUI at Al-Aqsa Mosque, matters relating to desecration, defamation and violence committed by Israeli Zionists at Al-Aqsa Mosque and we also convey conditions in the Gaza Strip where poverty has now increased to 70 percent,” he said. (T/RE1)

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