Chairmen of the Committee: Munajat 212 Pure Elevates the Sentences of Allah

Jakarta, MINA – Chairmen of Committee 212, Habib Idrus Al Habsyi asserted that this Munajat event is purely just to elevate the sentence of Allah.

“This event is purely to elevate the sentence of God. Let us have a common ground for the good of the nation and religion, “he said in his speech in front of hundreds of thousands participants in the 212 Brotherhood at the National Monument (Monas) yard, Jakarta, on Thursday (21/2) .

Idrus also reminded participants in Munajat 212 to maintain unity, not to be pitted easily.

Previously, the DKI Jakarta Ulama Council (MUI), as one of the program’s initiators, stressed that the Munajat was not related to political affairs.

“So there is no tendency from politics to be associated with anything, nothing. Instead, they put everything together, soothing everything. The MUI does not play in that domain,” said Nanda Khairiyah, Jakarta MUI Infocom Secretary when contacted on Thursday (21/2).

DKI Jakarta MUI held these activities with the aim of cementing the unity of all elements of the Indonesian nation. (T/Ast/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)