British Labor Party Supports Sanctions Against Israel, Recognition of Palestinian State

Photo: QP

London, MINA – Members of the British Labor Party’s annual general conference on Monday, approved a resolution supporting the imposition of sanctions against Israel and calling for the immediate recognition of Palestinian state.

A majority of Labor Party members voted on the resolution condemning the Palestinian Nakba, the Israeli military attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the eviction of Sheikh Jarrah and the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The annual general conference also welcomed the International Criminal Court’s investigation into Israeli crimes, Quds Press reported.

Referring to the decision of the 2020 Trade Union Congress, the members declared settlement activity in Palestine as part of the apartheid crime committed by Israel.

Conference members called for imposing stricter standards on commercial activities with Israel, including a ban on British arms sales to Israel used to violate human rights in Palestine.

The conference also called for preventing illegal trade with Israeli settlements in Palestine.

Meanwhile, the Chair of the European Palestine Communications Forum, Zaher Berwai, praised the vote and considered it a real victory for supporters of the Palestinian cause.

Birawi expressed hope that the vote would prompt the party leadership to reconsider its policy on the Palestinian issue.

The British Labor Party has often advocated and defended the Palestinian cause and its former leader Jimmy Corbyn was the first politician to carry the Palestinian flag at his party’s general conference. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)