Indonesia Urges NAM to Stop Israel’s Occupation of Palestine

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi urges the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) countries to find a solution to stop Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

“Israeli violence has become routine. This will continue if the world cannot find a solution to the root of the problem,” said the Indonesian Foreign Minister at the Extraordinary Meeting of the NAM Committee on Palestine virtually on Tuesday.

In the meeting initiated by Indonesia, the Foreign Minister invited NAM to support the re-implementation of credible multilateral negotiations.

“A credible political process is the only way to prevent a re-occurrence of Israeli violence. There have been no substantive peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine for a long time,” said the Foreign Minister.

NAM support for the re-implementation of peace negotiations is very important, through existing multilateral platforms and based on a two-state solution and in line with internationally agreed parameters.

NAM, continued Retno, needs to support the status of Palestine as a state.

She said, the large number of NAM member countries is a strength because the NAM votes will be taken into account by the world.

“Therefore, NAM must have one voice in supporting the status of Palestine as a state and the struggle of the Palestinian people to achieve independence,” she said.

“We must also encourage NAM countries and other international communities that have not yet recognized Palestine as a state to recognize it immediately,” she continued.

The Indonesian Foreign Minister said that at the UN General Assembly meeting last May, Indonesia proposed the establishment of an international presence in Al-Quds to monitor and ensure the safety of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories and maintain the status of Al-Haram Al-Sharif as a separate entity that is holy site of three religions.

Indonesia expects NAM to also make the same proposal.

“NAM member countries that are members of the UN Security Council must be at the forefront in pushing for this initiative,” said the Foreign Minister.

On that occasion, the Foreign Minister reiterated that the purpose of establishing NAM is to end imperialism and colonialism. Therefore, NAM still owes the Palestinian people a state that is independent and equal to other countries.

“Our struggle is far from over. However, by working together, I believe that one day Palestine will be free,” concluded the Foreign Minister.

The Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting of the NAM Palestine Committee produced a Political Declaration which among others contained a condemnation of the violation of the ceasefire by Israel, an affirmation that Israel’s aggression and annexation of Palestine is a violation of international law, encouragement to countries to recognize the status of Palestine as a country. (L/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)