Biden Guarantees All Parties Commitment To Comply with Ceasefire

Washington, MINA – White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the administration of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, received strong guarantees from all parties regarding the commitment to a ceasefire that began on Friday in Gaza.

“We have strong assurances from all parties concerned that they are committed to stopping the attacks (ceasefire),” Psaki said in his press conference, as quoted by Palinfo on Saturday.

He added that the US will monitor and supervise the realization of the ceasefire intensely in the next few days.

“Biden has no plans to change our security assistance to Israel,” the White House spokesman continued.

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According to him, Biden assessed that his party needed the realization of two fronts, one of which was the support of Israeli security.

He said another front was to rebuild Gaza and provide assistance and funding to the United Nations and ensure that Hamas was not the one who took advantage of this assistance but the people.

“The best way to provide assistance is through the United Nations.” The payoff.

Biden has communicated diplomacy with the Israeli and Egyptian governments to ensure a ceasefire before entering the realization period as early as possible.

Egypt has a central role in mediating with Hamas and other resistance factions to realize a simultaneous two-party ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip.

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The ceasefire came 11 days after Israel’s incursion into the Gaza Strip, an area still under blockade.

Israeli bombardments and attacks on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Al-Quds and the 1948 region claimed 279 martyrs, 69 of them children, 40 women, 17 elderly, while more than 8900 people were injured, 90 of whom were critically injured. (T/RE1)

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