Attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and Kashmir, MAPIM Calls for OIC to Take Action

Putrajaya, MINA – The Islamic Organization of the Malaysian Islamic Relations Negotiating Assembly (MAPIM) together with MANAR and SHURA, called on the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) and the United Nations to take action on attacks on the Al-Aqsa and Kashmir Mosques.

“We express our regret that when the Muslims were clearly oppressed and humiliated, no Muslim leader comes forward to strongly voice the much-needed support in defence of the rights,” said a joint statement from MAPIM, MANAR and SHURA received by MINA, Monday.

Following are the contents of the joint statement of the Malaysian Islamic organizations MAPIM, MANAR and SHURA.

The OIC, which was supposed to be the cradle for Muslims to defend the Al Aqsa Mosque and the oppressed Muslims in Palestine, Yemen, Kashmir, China, India, Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka, apparently is silent .

As Muslims welcomed Aidil Adha this year, Muslims in Kashmir and Al Aqsa Mosque, each faced Indian and Jewish Zionist military attacks.

The question is where are the Muslim leaders of the world at this critical moment in Kashmir and Al Aqsa Mosque?

Kashmir is facing an Indian government that is calling for the abolition of its status as a special territory. Now India-controlled Jammu Kashmir is forced to accept its status as a part of the Indian territory directly govern from New Delhi.

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Since Kashmir invaded India in 1947, more than 90,000 Kashmiris have been killed, 20,000 women raped, over 20 000 orphaned.

News of the suffering of the people of Kashmir is rarely heard until the latest events. When India announced the abolition of Article 370 of Kashmir’s special status, the sending of an additional 37,000 Indian troops over its existing army of 700,000, severed all external communications, detaining all pro-Kashmir political leaders , now the world are noticing the plight of Kashmir.

India wants to change the demography of Kashmir which is predominantly Muslim to the agenda of turning the region as an Hindu territory when its special status is revoked.

The struggle to free Kashmir from the clutches of India has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of fighters and hundreds of thousands more injured.

News of an attack on Kashmiris by Indian troops has begun operating under the direction of New Delhi which has imposed 24 hours curfew in the area.

The bloodshed will be seen in the near future.

On this day of Aidil Adha the world also saw the Jews and the Israeli Zionist army stormed into the Al Aqsa Mosque while Muslims were inside the Mosque to perform Aidil Adha prayers.


The Jews inadvertently claimed they were also celebrating their holy day and thus stormed into the Mosque accompanied by the Jewish army.

The whole world could witness the Israeli military Zionist clash with worshippers inside the Al Aqsa Mosque. Photos and videos of critically injured Pakestinisn Muslims being attacked by police and Zionist soldiers show Al Aqsa Mosque is now a battlefield.

The Jewish people were showing more courage accompanied by zionist police riot to enter the compound of Al Aqsa mosque.

The jihad leader to defend the Al Aqsa , Syekh Raed Salah is under house arrest and not allowed to go out and pray the Aidil Adha prayers.

This situation certainly requires world Muslim leaders to come forward to defend Kashmir and Al Aqsa mosque.

Things are still tense in Kashmir and Al Aqsa Mosque.

Many lives will be lost this Aidil Adha Day.

As pilgrims gathered in the holy lands, the current situation in Kashmir and Al Aqsa Mosque should be raised to translate their anger and protest from amongst over 2.5 million Muslims now gathering in Mecca.

What is the significance of the Hajj and the sacrifices that are being performed in Mecca if the oppressed Muslims are not given attention to and Muslim leaders worldwide are keeping quite?

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We urge:

1. An immediate OIC summit to be held to decide what action to take on the Kashmir and Al Aqsa Mosque.

2. The UN needs to pressure India to withdraw all its troops from Kashmir and release all the currently detained Kashmir political prisoners. The UN forces need to be deployed as a substitute to control the security of the Kashmiri civilians.

3. The OIC and the UN conduct a plebiscite vote for Kashmiri citizens to determine their own preferences as determined by the UN resolution itself.

4. The OIC needs to decide on the action needed to pressure Israel in order to remove all Jewish Zionist forces from the Al Aqsa Mosque complex.

5. OIC and UN to issue a strong condemnation on the brutal acts of Israeli soldiers and Jews who invaded the Al Aqsa mosque

6. Establish a Board of Inter-Islamic States to form a committee in defence of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

7. Pressure all Islamic States to launch an effective boycott movement against Israel and isolate israel in all international forums. (R/Ais/P2)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)