As 12 Palestinian Journalists In Israeli Prisons

Tel Aviv, MINA – There is a World Press Freedom Day, in Israel 12 Palestinian journalists who are serving sentences and being detained without due process in the country’s prisons.

Four of them namely Mahmoud Essa, Basem Khendoggi, Munther Mefleh and Ahmad Saifi are serving life sentences for exposing Israeli crimes against Palestinians. Thus quoted from Pestine Post 24 on Monday, May 4.

PPS (Palestinian Prisoner ‘s Society) said some of 12 journalists were detained without charge or a court decision, but only based on what Israeli intelligence described as a secret file.

“The occupation authorities arrested journalists and activists to undermine their social, cultural and political roles and prevent the disclosure of occupational crimes,” PPS said on this occasion.

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The detention has increased since 2015, when Israeli courts began using the pretext of incitement to justify the detention of journalists and the closure of TV media institutions under military orders. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)