Al-Quds University Promotes Sharia Insurance

Al-Quds, MINA – Al-Quds University in Abu Dia City, east Jerusalem, promoted sharia insurance that developing in domestic and international.

The promotion was held by Da’wah Faculty and collaborated with Insurance Companies, Tamkeen in conference with the theme, “Cooperative Insurance: Reality and Horizon”. Dunya al-Wathan reported, Sunday.

The conference presented Vice President of Al-Quds Dr. Hassan Al-Dwaik, University, Head of Conference Committee Hossam Al-Din Affana, representative of Tamkeen Mohammad Al-Rimawi, and other invitations.

Hassan Al-Dwaik stressed that the conference was very important remembering the subject vitality which is Islamic insurance and recommendation of conference.

He explained that University interest in holding scientific conference to increase community interest that reflect positif attitude in various sectors in Palestine.

Dean Abu Away said that Islamic insurance interest in community concern that growing big because of satisfying the need.

He focuses on the profit of Islamic insurance to show how important options available to beneficiaries.

Tamkin sponsor provides service which is compatible with principles of Islamic Sharia law and refflects with community commitment to increase insurance awareness and knowledge.

Al-Rimawi praises cooperation between Tamkeen and Al-Quds University. It shows that the university represents academic institutions that play an important role in the graduation of cadres who contribute effectively to build country and its institutions.

“Insurance or Islamic cooperative today is the strongly urge in the world of finance and business, especially in the insurance industry, from here it is not strange to accept a large number of voters in Palestine,” she said. (T/Sj/R04)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)