VP Amin Opens Indonesian Muslims Congress in Bangka Belitung

VP Amin Opens Indonesian Muslims Congress in Bangka Belitung (photo: MINA)

Pangkalpinang, MINA – Indonesian Vice President, Ma’ruf Amin, opened the VII Congress of Indonesian Muslims (KUII) in Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung Province on Wednesday night, February 26.

The opening was marked by the suppression of the drum by the Vice President.

In his remarks, Amin hoped that the Congress would be able to parse and find solutions to various problems of the nation and state, as well as to realize the quality of people.

“At least, there are several aspects (which need to be solved), namely aspects of Politics, Economy, Law, Cultural Education, religious life, unity of the Republic of Indonesia, also bringing Islam Washotiyah Rahmatan lil alamin,” he said.

The Vice President also hoped that the Congress would become a robber, a mover by making ulama able to direct Muslims to fill and color the life of the nation and state.

“We need to advance in the form of name but also the embodiment, basically how to create superior, healthy, intelligent, productive, competitive, and noble character, as well as national commitment,” he said.

However, he said this would not be achieved if Indonesia was not conducive, so it needed strengthening the commitment of Muslims

In the economic sector, the Vice President emphasized the government’s desire to develop an even bigger Islamic economy.

“The direction is four, including the halal industry, we are only consumers not yet become producers, through the spirit of KUII we want Indonesia to become the largest halal producer in the world,” he said.

While the Chair of Committee, Zaitun Rasmin stressed the importance of the KUII as God’s command.

“Deliberation is a divine command, the best way to realize appropriate collective leadership. “The results of deliberation are not a disaster, but if they don’t want them, the disaster will be even greater,” he said.

More than 1,000 KUII participants plus 250 invited guests from various elements attended the opening of KUII VII (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)