VP’s Amin Reminds to Maintain Religious Responsibility for Environment

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesia. Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin reminded that environmental issues are not only a humanitarian responsibility but also a religious responsibility. Therefore, he believes that solving environmental damage needs to be prevented and addressed together.

“According to religious views, the problem of damage must be prevented, must be repaired, because nature has actually been created by Allah with the right dimensions,” said the Vice President when launching the “Tanara Clean Up” program at Batu Qur’an Park, Syech Nawawi Tanara Mosque, Tanara District, Serang Regency, Banten Province on Sunday, quoted by Republika.

“So, there is already an ecosystem. “The balance has been created,” said the Vice President.

This damage, said Amin, was caused by human actions themselves, even though Allah has prohibited humans from causing damage on the face of the earth as stated in the Al-Qur’an, Surah A’rāf Verse 56.

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“Wa lā tufsidū fil-arḍi ba‘da iṣlāḥihā. “Don’t damage the earth after it has been repaired by Allah, arranged in a measurable manner,” he said.

He said that Allah Subhanahu wata’ala in the Quran even criticizes people who do not take precautions against damage.

“Why was it that in the past, people who had the power, the ability, did not prohibit damage to the earth, allowed it, did not participate in repairing it, and did nothing to do with the earth, which was criticized by Allah, especially if it was destructive,” he said.

Because, he continued, such acts of omission could cause great danger to the environment, while the words of the Prophet Muhammad forbade Muslims from endangering themselves and others.

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“La dharara wala dhirar, do not endanger yourself and do not endanger others. Damaging the environment endangers oneself, endangers others, including throwing rubbish carelessly which can cause disease, the disease affects oneself, one’s family and other people. So that’s it,” he said.

Therefore, the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council stated that eliminating dangers no matter how small is part of faith. The Vice President mentioned that faith is not just saying “La ilaha illallah”, but there are more than 60-70 branches of faith as the Prophet Muhammad said.

He gave examples, such as removing stones or thorns on the road or getting rid of rubbish that is thrown carelessly, that is also part of faith.

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“So, if people leave the rubbish and don’t pick it up, leave it, let alone those who throw it away, leave it alone, don’t pick it up, it is considered that they don’t have faith, so at least their faith is lacking,” he said.

For this reason, the Vice President emphasized that the work of cleaning the environment is a matter of faith, a branch of faith.

“This is a religious review. “So, it’s not only humanitarian, but also religious,” he said. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)