US to Increase Aid for Palestine Again


Washington, MINA – The United States government intends to increase aid to Palestine again in the context of a new Middle East policy that is directly opposite to that implemented by the previous administration led by Donald Trump.

For the third time in two weeks, the US government has publicly or quietly notified Congress of its intention to provide tens of millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinians.

On Monday, the government notified lawmakers that it would give Palestinians $ 40 million in law enforcement and security costs, the Times of Israel reported.

“Supporting a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the primary goal of US national security,” the State Department said in the notice, which was dated April 2 but sent on Monday.

“As an important part of this effort, US government assistance seeks to establish professional and accountable security and criminal justice institutions that maintain security and stability in the West Bank, uphold the rule of law, contribute directly to regional security, and protect citizens,” the notice said.

The Biden administration does not hide its belief that former president Donald Trump’s approach to the Middle East, which alienates Palestinians, is flawed and makes prospects for peace less likely.

The new aid appears to be aimed at encouraging the Palestinians to return to negotiations with Israel, although there is no indication that will have an effect and Israel has not publicly considered it.

The new allocation of $ 40 million comes after $ 75 million in assistance to infrastructure, health and civil society groups. The government said $ 75 million in aid to Congress on March 28.

Earlier, $ 15 million in aid to fight the Coronavirus was announced the day before. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)