Israel and US Use Humanitarian Aid to Pressure Gaza People

The condition of a truck carrying humanitarian aid in Gaza after being attacked by a group of illegal Israeli settlers. (Photo: Palinfo)

Gaza, MINA – Media office in Gaza announced on Monday the Israeli occupation and the United States (US) government were using aid and food as a tool to exert political pressure on civilians in the Gaza Strip, thereby perpetuating hunger and deliberately making it worse humanitarian situation.

“Creating real conditions of famine, especially in Gaza and the North, is a violation of moral and humanitarian values, a violation of international law, exploiting the needs of children, civilians and the sick, and exacerbating their suffering for political purposes, it endangers their lives,” said the report as quoted by Palinfo.

The report emphasized that conditions in the Gaza Strip are becoming worse and more difficult, the humanitarian crisis is getting worse, especially for groups of children, sick and injured people who cannot get food or treatment in the future, along with the closure of all crossings in the Strip Gaza and preventing the entry of aid, goods and merchandise.

“We warn that the gross human rights violations committed by the American occupation and administration in the Gaza Strip will have a dangerous impact on humanitarian realities in an unprecedented way,” the report said.

The Government Media Office called on the international community and international organizations to apply serious and real pressure to stop the genocidal war, and stop using food and aid as a tool to exert political pressure on civilians, children, the sick and the injured, because of its impact which is dangerous. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)