US Sends P-8 Poseidon to Find Indonesian Nanggala-402 Submarines

Photo: US Navy

Bali, MINA – The United States to help Indonesia finding Indonesian submarine Nanggala-402 which has lost contact in Bali waters since Wednesday by sending a military aircraft.

The head of the Indonesian National Army’s Information Center, Maj. Gen. Achmad Riad, said the United States sent a P-8 Poseidon aircraft to help with the search.

As quoted fron Anadolu Agency, the P-8 Poseidon is a military aircraft made by Boeing belonging to the US Navy which has anti-submarine and intelligence capabilities.

“We hope that the Poseidon aircraft can dock soon,” said Achmad Riad at Base Ops Ngurah Rai, Bali on Friday.

Apart from the US, the MV Swift Resque belonging to Singapore, said Achmad Riad, is expected to arrive on Friday afternoon as well as the MV Mega Bakti from Australia.

Australia, he said, also sent two ships namely HMAS Ballarat and HMAS Sirius and India which sent one Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV).

He ensured that assistance from friendly countries in the form of ships and planes had gone through the permit process to enter Indonesian territory.

“We will receive all assistance.Yesterday I also spoke with Asintel all processes were accelerated because we too, we must catch up,” he explained.

Indonesian Army, he said, deployed 21 Indonesian warships (KRI), including the new Indonesian submarine KRI Alugoro-405 to conduct a search.

He stated that the focus of the search remains in the northern region of Bali.

“There is a magnetic point that is strong enough, hopefully it will not change and it will be pursued and hopefully it will become a bright spot,” he concluded. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)