Two Palestinian Women’s Athletes Join Sports Swiming Competition

Jakarta, MINA – Two female athletes from Palestine, namely Dania Nour (14), and Mera Abushammaleh (16) participated in the swimming competition at the 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta.

Dania Nour was born on September 2, 2003 in Bethlehem, Palestine. In 2018 Asian Games, she participated in a swimming competition for the Women’s Freestyle category.

In the match that took place on Monday (8/20), Dania competed in heat 1 with her opponents from the Maldives and Timor Leste. Dania’s final results are ranked 23rd with a time of 1: 07.11.

Previously, Dania also competed in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in 2017 with 13th place.

She also received an award for carrying the Palestinian flag at the opening of the 2018 Asian Games.

Meanwhile, Mera Abushammaleh, who was born in Australia on January 1, 2002, took part in the Women’s Swimming category 200m Breaststroke competition.

Mera began practicing swimming in 2007 through Amman Academy in Jordan. The reason why she wanted to become a swimming athlete, she said “I love being in the water.”

As the match progressed, Mera played on the 2nd line’s heat 1, along with her opponents from China, Chinese Taipe, Korea and Vietnam. However, she managed to reach 16th place with a time of 2: 55.44.

According to her, the most unforgettable thing for her that she was elected as one of the participants in the 2018 Asian Games. Mera’s encouragement and motivation had come from her parents, and also her coach Yehia Salti, who was from Jordan.(LT/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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