Students of Al- Fatah Lampung Hold Theatrical of the Struggle of Palestinian Women in Israeli Prisons

Kedu Warna Beach, Kalianda, MINA – The Palestinian Flag Raising Action is the final series of the Action to Defend Palestinian Women Prisoners organized by Indonesian Aqsa Working Group (AWG) in Lampung on Saturday.

The action was held with various activities ranging from Al-Quds Socialization, Blessing Friday while sharing Palestinian information updates, campaigns through twibbon distributed on social media, and the final series was the Flag Raising Action on the beach, Sumatran Bureau of MINA reported.

In the final series on Saturday, Lampung Bureau of AWG held an Action to Raise the Indonesian Flag and the Palestinian Flag on Kedu Warna beach, Kalianda, South Lampung.

It started with an apple, poetry readings, prayers and theatrical performances presented by female students of Madrasah Aliyah (MA) Shuffah Hezbollah Islamic and Madrasah Al-Fatah Al-Muhajirun, Negararatu, Natar, South Lampung.

The theatrical members consisted of 22 female students, demonstrating various descriptions of the conditions of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, especially female prisoners.

One of the screenwriters, Zaky Tiffany Lazuardian Arief explained, the theatrical performance aims to give a little picture of what is happening in Palestine, where the people there are treated inhumanely by Israeli soldiers, especially those in detention cells.

“The scene that we show is how the Israeli Jewish Zionist soldiers are treated while in detention, the torture of pregnant women, the torture of other women, which are very bad by the Israeli soldiers,” she said.

Representing the theatrical team, Zaky condemned what was happening in Palestine, especially the treatment of Israeli soldiers to Palestinian women. “Then rise up, O Muslims, Arise!,” she said.

One of the theatrical participants, Bilqis Nabila Umami who plays one of the Palestinian female prisoners, said that Palestinians may feel alone, they need help to free themselves and end the occupation.

“For young people who are busy with their world, career and others, that there are our brothers and sisters who need help, they feel alone, they need help to free them from decades of colonialism and we cannot just stand still,” she stressed.

According to her, this theatrical action is a firm message and condemnation of the Israeli Zionists to liberate Palestinians, especially women.
In addition, this theatrical action also gives a message to Palestinian prisoners to be strong, strong and continue to fight.

In addition, this theatrical action is also a message from the younger generations, especially Indonesian students, to raise the spirits of women all over the world and reject the crimes committed by Israel against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons.

The characters taken in the theatrical are Aminah Al-Agha, Samr Sabih, Maha Awad, Iman Ahras, Samir Kan’an. Some of them gave birth with their hands and feet handcuffed, some were imprisoned by Israel for four years, some were held in cramped, dirty, cold and unventilated cells by Israeli Zionists. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).