MINA journalist team when tracing tunnel in Gaza (Photo: mirajnews.com)
One of MINA journalists team when tracing tunnel in Gaza (Photo: mirajnews.com)

Special Coverage by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) journalists Team in Gaza : Buraq rocket
Tunnels built by Gaza fighters is one of the most important weapons in Gaza Strip. The fighters carried out most offensive operations from tunnels in the July-August war.

The tunnel becomes the attention of world community and historic witness of heroic actions by the Palestinian fighters. They used the tunnels for hurling rockets, infiltrating into enemy lines, and martyring operations.

How is the condition of the tunnel? How did the fighters perform various actions in confronting Israeli forces attacks? Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) Journalists Team got special trust to make reports from the tunnels up to tens of meters below the ground.

The team had to walk slowly and manage breath.  Walls of the tunnels look strong and sturdy in right, left, down and up sides. “Subhaanallaah,” Glory to Allah.

MINA team interviewed one of Palestinian fighters at Al-Quds Brigades’ tunnel. He wore mask. It became his daily outfit.

According to him, use of the mask is to avoid shooting from Israeli soldiers, beside as distinctive uniform. It also to disguise the fighters so that enemy do not know which is the commander and which are members. Another reason of using the mask is to avoid sense of proud.

MINA team interviewed one of Palestinian fighters. (Photo: MINA)
MINA team interviewed one of Palestinian fighters. (Photo: MINA)

Here are result of our interview :

MINA: Assalamualaikum, How are you?

Al-Quds Brigades fighter: Wa’alaikum warahmatullah, Thank to Allah, we are in good condition.

MINA: How is latest condition of the tunnel?

Al-Quds Brigades fighter: “Truly Allah loves those who fight in His way in ranks as if they were a building with solid structure.”

The fighters gave all their power and efforts to attack the enemies (Israel).
“And prepare for facing them with whatever force you have”.

The fighters especially from the Al-Quds Brigades have prepared the tunnels long time ago to face Israeli attacks.

The fighters used the tunnels as ways to attack the enemy forces (Israel). We call the troops “Sama ‘al-Zarqa’ (blue sky) and” Bunyan al-Marshus “(solid structures).

MINA: What are the benefits of the tunnels in facing Israel?

Al-Quds Brigades fighter: The tunnels are special tools to perform a variety of offensive operations. (While showing one of the rocket with Buraq 70 type, the long about three meters with green color).

The rocket has not been launched yet. It is still intact in its place since the ceasefire agreement.

MINA: We heard there are a lot of tunnels destroyed by Israel?

Al-Quds Brigades fighter: Yes , Israeli media claimed that Israeli forces have destroyed many tunnels owned by Al-Qassam Brigades and Al-Quds but it is contrary with reality. You can see by yourself the reality now.
The tunnels have been bombarded several times by Israeli forces. However, they are still intact.

MINA: Are all the fighters here when the battle was in progress?

Al-Quds Brigades fighter: The fighters are divided according to their specialization. This tunnel is for elite of martyrdom units and  launching rocket units.

MINA: How will you deal with possibility of war in the future?

Al-Quds Brigades: Al-Quds Brigades and the other resistance fighters in Gaza Strip have only deployed a small part of their own strength.

MINA: How many did Al-Quds Brigades launched rockets ?

Al-Quds Brigades: We launched at least 100 rockets in one day during 51 day of al-Marshus Bunyan battle. The rockets we launched were from Buroq 70 and Buraq 100 types.

MINA: What is your message to the Israeli soldiers?

Al-Quds Brigades: O Israeli soldiers, If you try to enter the Gaza Strip, we will counter-attack you.

MINA: what is your message to Indonesia?

Al-Quds Brigades: I know Indonesia from you. I greet Indonesian people and government of Indonesia. They have given attention to us. They always help and support our struggle sincerely and patiently.

May Allah protect the tunnels and all fighters Until Palestine get independence and sovereignty. May al-Aqsha Mosque be returned to the Muslims. Aamiin. (L/K01/ K03/P009/P3).

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)