Completing Humanitarian Aid in Palu

An interview with Shabeer Sacranie, the Chairman of Humanity Without Borders, a registered charitable organization from the United Kingdom In Tangerang, Wednesday (5/12).

Humanity Without Borders is a charitable organization aiming to bring real hope to millions of people suffering around the world. Poverty, conflict, and disaster leave millions of people living in fear.

He visits in Indonesia with his two friends, Naeem Basir and, Tayyap Sacranie. They want to complete their humanitarian project in Indonesia with being cooperation with Ukhuwah Al Fattah Rescue to help people in Palu.

MINA: First, Would you like to explain about your Charitable Organization?

Shabeer: Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhh, we are Humanity Without Borders, a registered charitable organization from the United Kingdom with charity no:1172624 that aims to bring real hope to millions of people suffering around the world.

MINA: What do make you come here?

Shabeer: This is the first time we come to Indonesia. We normally work with UMission, a charitable organization from Malaysia to help Rohingya refuges. So after a earthquake,  the tsunami hit Palu on September, we a charity that help human not only for Muslim but also for all human. So told to UMission team, we want to help people in Palu. Then, they arranged everything for us and today we are here to help people in Palu working with Ukhuwah Al Fattah Rescue.

MINA: What are your programs in Indonesia, especially in Palu?

Shabeer: Insha Allah, in Palu we will distribute food parcels for 3.000 families and each parcel consist of ten kilograms of rice, 20 packages of instant noodles, one pack of sugar, tea and many others. Then, we also will give them hygienic kids, shelter kids and cash money for orphans, older people.

MINA: What is your target during in Palu?

Shabeer: We will be here for five days and not only distribute our donations but also look at what people in Palu still need, so when we come back to our country, we will to inform to our people and collect money again and bring the donations in the next visit.

MINA: How can you collect the donation in your country? is there from Muslim community or public aid?

Shabeer: We gather donations from all public aid including our families, friends, and local mosques. And majority comes from Muslim Communities in England with around 90 percent we have collected around 25.000 pounds for Palu.

MINA: If compared with the disaster between Indonesia and England, what the difference between the both?

Shabeer: We do not have any natural disaster like in Indonesia, but we have a flooding when heavy rain come flooded our house.

MINA: Can you tell me in brief about the development of Muslim in England?

Shabeer: Alhamdulillah, Muslim in England are quite good. When I first came to the UK from Africa, we only have one mosque, but now, there are 50 mosques just in Leicester. Alhamdulillah, from the point of view, UK is really good.

MINA: Is there any Islamophobia raising in your country?

Shabeer: Islamophobia is everywhere, you know that like 11/11 tragedy. So, what we have to do is make prayer and Insha Allah make it easy.

MINA: Indonesia has a variety of everything, what is your opinion about Indonesia?

Shabeer: our purpose to come Indonesia is to help Palu people, and this the first time in Indonesia so, we just know that Indonesian is very helpful. And we want to come here again. (L/Sj/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)