Interview with Sharif Abu Shammala, Managing Director of the Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia (1)

Sharif Abu Shammala and MINA Reporter (photo: MINA)

MINA reporter Arab edition Taufiqurrahman and MINA Coverage Coordinator Rana Setiawan had the opportunity to hold interviews with humanitarian activists from Gaza Palestine who is also the Managing Director of the Malaysian Al-Quds Foundation Daily, Sharif Abu Shammala. The meeting was held in the lobby of the Grand Cempaka Business hotel, Central Jakarta on Tuesday, March 10.

Here are the contents of the interview:

What does the Al-Quds Foundation do?

I now work as the Managing Director of the Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia. This foundation was founded in 2012. The foundation was led by Datuk Mahathir Muhammad.

Al Quds Foundation has a serious concern in disseminating information about Palestine, Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque especially among Malaysian and Indonesian and Southeast Asian Muslims.

In addition, they also explained to them that they have the right to have the Al-Aqsa Mosque and are responsible for efforts to maintain it and fulfill their role in this matter.

We try to build networks with local organizations and active parties, hold daurahs, distribute books and Aqsa Pedia online bulletins. Aqsa Pedia is an encyclopedia that contains various information about Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque with various languages ​​such as Malay, Arabic, English, Indian, and others.

In addition, we also work in social fields such as channeling assistance to our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Gaza & Al-Quds.

Among the challenges facing the Al-Quds Foundation?

The most obvious is how to make everyone in our area of ​​work have serious attention to Al-Quds.

The second challenge is language. Namely, translating information related to Al-Quds into various languages ​​such as Malaysian, Indonesian, English and other languages.

Are there obstacles in channeling aid to Palestine?

Of course, Israel imposes many checks on every incoming aid. But, thank God, with the permission of Allah, the assistance we have channeled up to now has been able to reach various local parties that we are working with.

We also have representatives in Gaza and Al-Quds who work to channel the aid.

How is Palestine now?

The situation in Palestine is still very alarming due to the Israeli blockade that continues to this day against Gaza. They are also still carrying out various forms of intimidation against Al-Aqsa Mosque, trying to prevent worshipers from praying there, especially Palestinians who stand guard there. They also still persecute women and children there.

Their other violations, damaging Palestinian buildings in the West Bank. Now, the most terrible form of violation is the Deal of the Century.

Has the US effort to make this proposal visible on the ground for Palestinians?

I explain first, what is the Deal of the Century (DOTC). The DOTC is a step by the US in bringing about the peace offered by Trump. He called it ‘Peace for Prosperity’. But in fact it is not peace but war on Palestine and Palestinian rights.

And that is a step made by the US personally, not the result of various parties’ agreement. This step is now being tried and imposed by Israel on the Palestinian people. However, we Palestinians will struggle to thwart the step called DOTC.

Why do we reject DOTC? We refuse because all of its contents are from various sides is a crime against Palestine. For example, the contents that mention Palestinian refugees are not allowed to return to their land in Palestine. For us, returning is a right that not negotiable.

The DOTC also legalizes Israeli expropriation of Palestinian lands to 15 percent of Palestinian land.

Likewise, the points that revoke Palestinian sovereignty over its territory. Palestinians cannot rule over their airports, borders and ports. Of course, that is a vulnerable problem.

The DOTC also surrendered the city of Al Quds to Israel. As you know, Al-Quds is the heartbeat of Palestinian civilization, culture and aqeedah. It is Al Quds who form the Palestinian civilization, culture and aqeedah. It is impossible for Palestinians to accept the offer.

DOTC wants Palestine to be a country without weapons, a country without power. So it is not possible for Palestinians to question all Israeli violations to the International Court of Justice. On the other hand, it is impossible for DOTC to prevent Israel from carrying out various forms of savagery over Palestine. (T/RE1)

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