Al-Quds International Calls on All Palestinians to Confront Israeli “Flags’ March”

Jerusalem, MINA – Al-Quds International Foundation called on the Palestinian masses inside, in the diaspora, the Arab and Islamic nations and in the world, for the widest popular uprising from inside and outside Palestine, to confront the “provocative” march of settlers, scheduled on Tuesday, and to break the alleged Israeli “sovereignty” over the city of Jerusalem and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“With this childish insistence, the Zionists reduced their alleged sovereignty over Jerusalem to the march of the flags, after their march on the 28th of last Ramadan constituted one of the titles of Zionist defeat and humiliation, and one of the titles of the new equation that Consecrated by the popular will in Jerusalem and the occupied interior in 1948, and the valiant armed resistance from the Gaza Strip,” said Al-Quds International in a statement as quoted by Quds Press.

The foundation stressed in this regard, that “breaking this crisis-ridden Zionist mentality and deepening its predicament requires nothing more than responding to the call of Jerusalem to mobilize in Bab al-Amud and all the squares of Palestine, or warning sirens sounding in Jerusalem at the time of the march.”

It called on the Jerusalemites, as the “spearhead” of defending Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, to dispel the illusion of the occupier again, through their bond and their confrontation with the occupation and its settlers, and “declaring the eternal Arab and Islamic sovereignty over Jerusalem despite the occupation.”

Al-Quds International called on the Palestinian citizens inside the occupied territories in 1948, and in the West Bank, to rise up to repel the aggression against Jerusalem, and to “touch the occupier already before saying that the aggression against Jerusalem will pay a price that he cannot bear.”

It also addressed its appeal to the Palestinians in the diaspora and camps, and to the Arab and Islamic masses and in the world “not to leave Jerusalemites alone, and to be by their side (today) in the squares and streets, and wherever we can between five and seven in the evening (local time of occupied Palestine), and let us move with the pulse of Jerusalem and its timing. “.

Al-Quds International affirmed, at the conclusion of its statement: “The occupier wants to test the equation (and if you return, we will return) and our duty together is that the response comes to him that he is testing the determination of tireless masses in Jerusalem and all Palestine, and in all the Arab and Islamic world, and that the Jerusalemites are spearheading.” For a nation that does not leave them alone.”

The occupied city of Jerusalem is witnessing tension, after the occupation police agreed to hold what is known as the “flags march” on Tuesday, from Bab Al-Amoud, while the Palestinian resistance factions warned against harming Al-Aqsa.

The march, in which many Israeli flags were raised, was scheduled to be organized last month to coincide with the anniversary (according to the Hebrew calendar), the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967; But it was postponed due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Palestinian activists called on social networks to gather in Bab al-Amud in conjunction with the provocative march.

Palestinian officials and parties had warned of the consequences of allowing this march, blaming the Israeli government for its repercussions. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)