Saudi Police Arreat A Man Step on the Quran

Riyadh, MINA – Police Officials in Saudi Arabia arrested a man who stepped on the Muslim holy book, Al-Quran on Tuesday. Based on the presentation, the evidence of the arrest was made after the perpetrator filmed himself in a video which was then viral.

The arrest was motivated by a suspect who uploaded his video on an Instagram profile and is anonymous. In the bio section, the suspect stated the Islamic credo and wrote down the repentance. Thus quoted from Al Araby on Wednesday, April 22.

In one part of the upload, the video shows the hand of someone who dropped a copy of the Quran on a carpeted floor, until finally stepping on bare feet was done. Furthermore, the video then spread on various social media platforms and was watched by a majority of citizens. As a result, these acts of harassment against Islam sparked outrage among social media users who saw them.

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In fact, in the process, many have called for arrests, including curses. Until finally, the authorities decided to track down and detain the suspect.

Theaws that refer to apostasy in Saudi Arabia can threaten perpetrators with capital punishment. The sentence also applies to religious defamation suspects.

Although the threat is somewhat not playing games, in fact it is not the first time the irresponsible parties stirred up social media with its disgraceful actions.

In January, Saudi authorities also arrested a man who uploaded his action dressed as a devil in Tiktok.

Separately, the focus of local human rights groups is currently on the case of Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi. He served a 10-year prison sentence and was subjected to public flogging for insulting Islam through electronic channels. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)