Rafah Crossing Opens in Both Directions for Four Days

Photo: Anadolu Agency

Gaza, MINA – Gaza’s Borders and Crossings Authority on Sunday evening announced that the Egyptian authorities will open Rafah crossing in both directions for four days.

The Authority said that the crossing will be opened starting Monday until Thursday to allow humanitarian cases to leave the Gaza Strip and those stranded in Egypt to return, PIC reported.

Head of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Borders and Crossings Authority, Nazmi Muhanna, said earlier on Sunday that he will lead a government delegation coming from the West Bank to Gaza on Monday.

Muhanna pointed out that that the visit comes within the framework of the steps taken to grant the PA government full control over Gaza’s crossings in implementation of what was agreed upon in Cairo between Fatah and Hamas on Thursday.

Muhanna refused to give any further details about the members of the delegation and their schedule, noting only that their mission is clear and that they will work to accomplish it.

For its part, the Department of Treatment Abroad announced that it will start renewing the Gaza patients’ medical referrals to Egypt.(R/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)