Palestinian Resistance Movement Urges UN to Hold Israel Criminals Accountable

Gaza, MINA – The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement in Gaza Hamas has urged the UN to hold Israeli criminals accountable for their crimes against Palestinians on the occasion of the UN’s sponsorship of the Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism, Days of Palestine reported on Saturday.

The Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism is being sponsored by the UN, which Hamas criticized in a statement as “an chance to confirm that our Palestinian people, territory, and holy places are victims of the most deadly and continuous terrorist occupation in the world.

Over the course of more than seven decades, Israeli occupation has harmed Palestinian territory, people, and sacred places. The worst and most ruthless occupation in history is that of Israel.

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Hamas continued, “This occupation led to the martyrdom of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.”

“These facts tell stories of the tremendous hardship the Palestinians have been undergoing owing to the Israeli occupation,” the Palestinian movement continued.

The UN must keep in mind the ongoing tragedy that the Palestinian people have been going through both in occupied Palestine and in the diaspora, and it must do everything in its disposal to hold Israeli occupation authorities accountable for their crimes against the Palestinian people, their land, and their sacred sites.

“The UN must also support the Palestinian people’s noble cause and their constitutional right to resist the occupation until liberation and return,” declared Hamas. (T/RE1)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)