Palestinian Fighters Destroy 21 Israeli Military Vehicles in Battle Lines in Gaza

Dead Israeli soldiers transported by helicopter (Photo: Special)

Gaza, MINA – The Palestinian fighters has again announced its success in a series of operations against Israeli occupying forces in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman, Abu Ubaidah, in a statement on Friday said that fighters had destroyed 21 Israeli military vehicles on all battle lines in the Gaza Strip during the last 24 hours.

The statement refers to the process of thwarting the occupation army’s special forces who attempted to free a captured soldier.

It was revealed that a bomb was forcibly detonated by the occupying army at the eastern tunnel entrance of Tal al-Zaatar in the northern Gaza Strip, Thursday, resulting in the killing of the son of the former chief of staff of the occupying army, Gadi Azenkot, and other soldiers.

In the afternoon according to the Quds Media report, the Al-Qasam Brigades announced the bombardment of the occupation forces in the southern axis of Gaza and the Sderot settlement with the 114 mm short-range Rajum missile system, and the bombardment of Tel Aviv with several salvos of missiles including the Muftaqim community.

Later in Khan Yunis it was revealed that the occupying army troops had targeted the “Ibn Utsaimin” school with TBG anti-fort missiles and clashed with them at close range, leaving them dead and injured.

It said its fighters targeted an occupying army troop carrier north of Khan Yunis with “Al-Yassin 105” missiles, and three tankers east of the city, destroyed a tanker with a “Shawaz” device, and blew up a house where dozens of soldiers were surrounded with explosive devices and anti-personnel bullets, then attacked them with machine guns.

He added that missile units bombed occupation forces east of Tal al-Zaatar with mortars, and fighters targeted 9 Israeli vehicles with “Al-Yassin 105” shells and explosive devices, causing some of them to burn in Shujaiya, east of Gaza City, according to their military reports, in addition to a military jeep with “Tandum” bullets in Sheikh Radwan and 6 vehicles with “Al-Yassin 105” missiles.

It was also announced that occupying army troops had been targeted by anti-personnel weapons in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood.

In this context, resistance fighters successfully bombed the occupying forces near “5” street, east of Khan Yunis, with heavy-caliber mortars, as stated in its military report, and declared clashes on Salah street, northeast of Khan Yunis, which resulted in many soldiers suffering injury.

It was also stated that resistance forces bombed the “Sofa” site with missiles. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)