Nigeria Learns to Manage Zakat from Indonesia

Nigeria Learns to Manage Zakat from Indonesia (photo:MINA)

Jakarta, MINA – The success of zakat management in Indonesia is used as an example by various countries in the world, one of them coming from the continent of Africa, Nigeria.

Sokoto State Zakat and Waqf Commission (Sozecom), a zakat management organization from Sokoto state, Nigeria learned directly from the zakat collection and distribution programs of the National Zakat Amil Agency (Baznas).

The two parties then agreed to form a partnership as outlined in a memorandum of understanding (MoU), signed by the Chairman of Baznas, Bambang Sudibyo and Chair of Sozecom, Muhammad Lawal Maidoki in Jakarta on Sunday, July 21.

Bambang Sudibyo said that the collaboration between Baznas and Sozecom enabled two institutions to share knowledge regarding the management of zakat in each region, collaborating in conducting studies, training, and conferences.

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“Baznas and Sozecom agreed to advance the two organizations so that the benefits would be greater for the people. “In this collaboration, it is also possible to adopt a distribution program with adjustments according to local conditions,” Bambang said.

During his visit to Indonesia, Sozecom was scheduled to visit various Baznas distribution programs such as the economic program at the Baznas Microfinance Village (BMD) and the Baznas Scholar School (SCB) education program.

“Baznas is very open with institutions in the world who want to learn about zakat collection and distribution programs that are well implemented by Baznas.

“We met Sozecom directly with the Baznas technical team and beneficiary mustahik to be adopted in Sokoto,” he said.

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On the occasion, Bambang also delivered a certificate of appreciation to Governor Sokoto for his role in encouraging the management of zakat in Nigeria and the African continent through Sozecom.

Sozecom was considered very active in encouraging the improvement of zakat management in Africa, one of which was by inviting various zakat organizations on the continent to join the World Zakat Forum (WZF). (TL/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)