Muhammadiyah Establishes the First Indonesian University in Malaysia

Jakarta, MINA – The Central Executive (PP) of Muhammadiyah established Indonesia’s first university in Malaysia.

General Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir said the university was named Universiti Muhammadiyah Malaysia (UMAM).

“The establishment of UMAM is a new milestone for the establishment of the first Indonesian university abroad,” said Haedar in a written statement on Thursday.

He explained that the establishment permit was granted by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education on August 5.

The plan to establish UMAM in Malaysia, he said, had been drafted since 2017 by the University Consortium Muhammadiyah Malaysia (UCMM).

“This consortium consists of the Indonesian side represented by Muhammadiyah and the Malaysian side,” said Haedar.

He added that to establish the university, his party had gone through various official procedures, both in the Malaysian and Indonesian governments.

He said UMAM will have 15 study programs consisting of 5 doctoral study programs, 5 master study programs and 5 undergraduate study programs.

He detailed five doctoral program study programs, including education programs, business and management programs, social programs, Islamic programs, and information technology programs.

“In the future, UMAM operations are open to all countries and nationalities as a form of inclusive education for all in the global sphere,” said Haedar. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)