MEMO to Hosts 8th Palestine Book Awards in London

London, MINA – A press agency, Middle East Monitor (MEMO), will host the 8th Palestine Book Awards in London on Friday night, November 1 in order to honor and celebrate the best and latest books on Palestinian topics.

More than 40 books in English will be included in this year’s competition with seven books selected by a panel of judges, MEMO reported on Thursday, October 31.

The Winners will be announced at Award Ceremony held in London, England.

The Pre-Launch Night will be open to community members and held on Thursday at Gallery P21.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear firsthand what inspired writers to write their books and hear more about their background and future plans.

All selected books will also be available for purchase at a special discounted price at night, with the author willing to sign it.

All writers selected this year will join the Palestine Book Awards. Among the writers and their work are:

Nabil Anani (“Palestine, Land and the People”). Noura Erakat (“Palestinian Law and Questions”). Isabella Hammad (“Palestinian Women’s Activism”). Yasmin Khan Zaitoun (“Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen”). Andrew Ross Stone (“Palestinians Who Build Israel”). Nadia Yaqub (“Palestinian Cinema in the Revolutionary Era”).

Launched in 2012, Palestinian Book Award was held to honor, commemorate and recognize the best works written on the Palestinian issues.

It has grown increasingly influential and popular, with the number of shipments that increases significantly. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)