MAPIM Calls on ASEAN And UN to Immediately Stop Atrocities in Myanmar

Photo: IINA

Kuala Lumpur, MINA – The Malaysian Consulative Council for Islamic Organization (MAPIM) has called for immediate action by ASEAN and the United Nations following the recurrence of military operations and attacks of extremists on Rohingya villages in the districts of Maungdaw Buthidaung and Rathidung, West Myanmar, by the goverment army and the Buddhist extremists.

“News reports by media and footages sent by victims taking refuge, last night 24 th August, has seen full attack and killings of dozens of Rohingyas,” said the Chairman of MAPIM  Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid in a statement, Friday (25/8).

He said, thousands of Rohingyas are trapped in the operation.The attrocities have been escalating and a repeat of mass attacks similar to the “cleansing operation” in October 2016- March 2017 , which are targeting Rohingya is now underway.

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“We call for immediate intervention from ASEAN countries, the, UN Security Council and OIC,” he added.

Also we condemn the military operation which is now murdering indiscriminately civilian Rohingyas under the pretext of hunting down terrorists.The international community cannot tolerate the mass killings of the Rohingyas who are already under decades of persecution by the Myanmar government

“We are calling an international peace keeping troops to be deployed immediately to halt the bloodshed.

The Myanmar government has responded irresponsibly to the decisions by the UN and OIC to stop the oppression on the Rohingya.

He explained, even the fact finding delegates from the UN were barred from entering Myanmar, The agencies must act now before more lives are lost by the military aggression. The Attacks are still underway as we speak now and the Rohingya civilians are at the mercy of the military and the Buddhist extremists.(L/R04/RS5)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)