Jakarta Islamic Center to Hold International Islamic Center World Conference

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Jakarta, MINA – The Jakarta Center for Islamic Studies and Development (PPIJ), which is often referred to as the Jakarta Islamic Center (JIC) for the first time, will hold the World Islamic Center International Conference, an event which will be held on Tuesday-Wednesday, 22-23 November 2022.

According to information compiled from JIC’s official website, Friday, even though the JIC Mosque is experiencing a disaster, the dome is on fire, they are still holding international events that have been programmed.

The event, which will be held in a hybrid manner, is planned to present International Islamic Center Management, including Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, the Philippines, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Even participants from Sudan, Turkey, India, Japan and Malaysia said they were ready to attend.

In this event the committee also invited Islamic centers in Indonesia. Apart from the Islamic center, there is also a grand mosque, Islamic mass organizations such as NU, Muhammadiyah, MUI, were also invited.

Conference activities will be held in many places, apart from the Raya Islamic Center Mosque, also at the Istiqlal Mosque and the conference will be held at the Mercure Ancol Hotel.

The head of the committee for the event, Ustadz Agus Handoko, M.Phil., said that this activity was held in order to emulate the Prophet Muhammad in building civilization in Medina by uniting the people of Medina, who consisted of ethnic backgrounds, namely ‘Aus and Khajraz, then the Muhajirin (residents of Mecca) ) and Ansar (resident of Medina).

“Even the Jewish population agrees to this mutual agreement, this extraordinary agreement is called the Medina Charter,” said the Ustadz who is familiarly called Gus Han.

He considered the importance of the event of uniting the tribes in Medina, so the ustadz who is also the head of the activity committee asked Muslims to try to establish Muslim brotherhood by carrying out various positive activities.

Gus Han hopes that the implementation of the World Islamic Center International Conference can become a gathering place for Ulama and Umara, so that it can strengthen the Islamic Center’s strategic role as a basis for the Development Movement (amar ma’ruf nahi munkar), quality Muslim resources and the economic independence of the people.

“Of course, we hope that this friendly event can realize the vision and mission of the Jakarta Islamic Center to become the Center for World Civilization,” he concluded.

As a large mosque and Islamic center, the Jakarta Islamic Center does not only want to be a center of worship but also a headquarters for civilization and a center for Islamic studies.

The Islamic center itself is called a new phenomenon in the West. In big cities in Europe and America and in countries where the Muslim community is a minority, the Muslim community usually establishes institutions labeled “Islamic centres”.

Because the terminology is new, has appeal and weight. Furthermore, the term Islamic center is so popular that it is also used everywhere, including in countries where the population is predominantly Muslim, such as in Indonesia.(T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)