Israel’s Escalation Never Diminish Palestinian Struggle to Free the Blockade

Gaza, MINA – Spokesperson for Hamas, Islamic resistance movement, Fawzi Barhoum, stated that his movement cannot accept the blockade of the Gaza Strip as a solution and stressed that the Palestinian people will not be silent.

In a statement received by Safa media and quoted by MINA on Wednesday, Barhoum stressed that the increased bombing by the Israeli occupation of resistance sites in Gaza further confirmed the country’s attitude and crimes.

“It will not break the morale of the Palestinian people and will not break the valiant resistance to continue the struggle for our rights and freedoms, and end the suffering and blockade of Gaza,” he said.

Barhoum revealed the unfair blockade carried out by the occupation of more than two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since 14 years ago, was with the aim of destroying the lives of Gazans and isolating geographically, socially, and politically.

He pointed out, “the continued targeting of Gaza comes within the framework of a comprehensive aggressive policy across our country, Palestine, which is inseparable from targeting our people in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the interior of Palestine which was occupied in 48.”

Barhoum said this required all Palestinians, all factions, to share responsibility for facing the planned occupation, by defending the people and protecting Palestinian land.

Last night, on Wednesday morning Israeli warplanes launched a series of attacks on targets in the Gaza Strip, but no casualties were reported. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)