Israeli Occupation Provides Palestinian Prisoners with Expired Food and Violate Them

Ramallah, MINA – The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Prisoners Affairs confirmed on Thursday, that the Israeli administration of the occupation detention center “Hawara” continues its violations against defenseless  prisoners and detainees held there, and deprives them of their basic legal human needs.

In a press statement, the commission said that the Hawara administration provided the prisoners with expired and foul-smelling meals a few days ago, MINA’s Contributor reported.

In response, the prisoners returned the meals and asked the administration to replace them, but it did not respond to their demands.

In response to thr abusive measures carried out against them, yhe prisoners of “Hawara” refused to enter their rooms and stayed in the square until the administration meet their demands. They demanded  to improve their living conditions inside the prison and respect their basic human rights.

The prisoners appealed to the human rights and legal institutions, led by the International Committee of the Red Cross, to conduct an urgent visit to find out the harsh living and detention conditions they live in inside the prison.

In addition, they demanded to hold the occupation authorities accountable for the violations committed against them.

It is noteworthy that the number of detainees currently held in the “Hawara” detention center is 16.

The center is considered one of the worst Israeli detention centers in terms of treating prisoners and responding to their minimum basic needs. (L-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)