Israel Destroy Two Palestinian Houses in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, MINA – The Israeli city government bulldozer in the occupied city of Jerusalem, with a strong military escort, destroyed two houses in the al-Qubba area, south of Jerusalem, Wednesday.

The owner, Iyad Edais, told WAFA, quoted by MINA, that the Israeli occupation bulldozer raided and destroyed his house and his brother, Uday’s house without giving a warning.

He explained that the building had been established for years, his brother and him only did renovations on the top.

But then the Hebrew city staff destroyed, so his brother and their family (10 people) were forced to live in an open space, not far from his house.

Israel often does not give permission to Palestinians for buildings erected in East Jerusalem. While for Israeli Jews who live in illegal settlements in Jerusalem, all the development planning until infrastructure development is funded and executed by Israel.

In fact, among Palestinian settlers, everything is charged to each family to obtain a permit that takes years and costs tens of thousands of dollars. (T/Sj/R04)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)