Indonesian Language Course Grows Fast in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, MINA — The Indonesian Language course program for Foreign Speakers organized by the Indonesian Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in  Jeddah is increasingly in demand by Saudis and expatriates living in Jeddah and surrounding cities.

It is proven that the number of applicants who are interested in following the BIPA program from year to year is increasing.

This program was previously held once a year. Participants reasoned learning Indonesian because they worked in muassasah that served pilgrims and pilgrims.

Some claim to need to master Indonesian because they serve pilgrims from Indonesia at the immigration and security counters at the airport. Others claim they work in a number of importing companies and companies that market Indonesian products in Saudi Arabia.

“Usually courses are only held once a year for three months. But this year we added it twice because of the many requests from the people here who want to learn Indonesian, “said Mohamad Hery Saripudin, Indonesian Consulate Genersl to Jeddah.

“Considering the increasing demand to learn Bahasa, we are doing our best to launch the program for the second time this year,” Saripudin said.

With over 1,2 million Indonesian visitors to the Kingdom for Haj and Umrah as well business this year and increasing business contacts between Indonesia businessmen and their Saudi counterparts, mastering Indonesian language will surely offer a greater business opportunities for its.

He added that the initiative will enhance travel and tourism ties between the two countries and contribute to the success of the Saudi Vision 2030, one of which is the development of the tourism sector where the mastery of foreign languages like Bahasa Indonesia is highly needed.

“Our program is in line with the Kingdom’s plan to offer a wide range of tourism options to visitors, from religious tourism to visiting the historical wonders. This will definitely promote business activities for the local economy,” he said.

Addressing the function, Ahmad Syofian, the program coordinator, said that within two weeks, the Consulate received 107 applications, but only 62 applicants qualify for the program, 50 of whom are Saudis.

To be admitted to the program, applicants are required to fill out a registration form in which they have to cite their purposes or strong reasons of learning Bahasa.

Some of the applicants said they need to learn Bahasa to support their work at Haj and Umrah companies and establishments which serve Indonesian pilgrims.Some admitted they need Bahasa to get better employment, while others said they pick it up for their business endeavors.

A certificate of completion is awarded to eligible participants after the course is over. Therefore, Syofian reminded them that to succeed in learning Bahasa as a foreign language requires a great amount of effort, patience, and practice. (TR/Sj/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)