Indonesian FM Says Israel “Braggart” About Peace with Palestine

The Hague, MINA – Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi, Israel has only boasted empty talk when talking about peace efforts with Palestine.

This, said Retno, can be seen from Israel’s policies which often violate international law and the status quo regarding its conflict with Palestine. One of Israel’s illegal policies is expanding its occupation of the Palestinian territories to military aggression.

“Despite this peace rhetoric so far, the Israeli government has openly expressed its disregard for the peace process, including by declaring the Oslo Agreement “null and void’,” said Retno when conveying Indonesia’s oral views regarding the consequences of Israel’s illegal policies towards Palestine at the International Court of Justice ( ICJ) in The Hague on Friday.

Apart from that, Retno said that so far Israel has only touched on a one-sided peace solution without involving and fulfilling the interests of the Palestinian people.

For this reason, he urged the world not to let Israel freely play around with international law by continuing to oppress Palestine.

Retno also quoted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement to describe the brutality of Israel which continues to heavily pound the Palestinian Gaza Strip through its military aggression since 7 October.

“It is very clear that Israel has no intention of respecting and abiding by its international legal obligations. PM Benjamin Netanyahu even once said which I quote ‘no one can stop us (Israel), not the Hague (ICJ), not anyone’,” said Retno in front of ICJ judges and delegates from other countries.

According to Retno, Netanyahu’s statement was strong evidence of Israel’s brutality towards Palestinians. Shd said that this brutality can also be seen from Israel’s actions which continue to carry out “indiscriminate extermination” of civilians in Gaza.

“Apparently, the deaths of nearly 30,000 lives were not enough for Israel as they almost launched another attack on Rafah, which is now the only gateway for life-saving humanitarian aid to Gaza,” she said. (L/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)