Indonesian Ambassadors Appointed to UN Key Committees

Jakarta, 10 Ramadan 1437/15 Juni 2016 (MINA) – Three Indonesian diplomats were chosen by acclamation as head of a number of main committees of the United Nations General Assembly, the development reflecting an appreciation of and trust in Indonesias achievements and contribution.

Indonesian Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Dian Trianyah Djani, was chosen by acclamation to chair the Economic and Financial Committee for 2016-2017, according to an official press release received here on Tuesday.

The committee was set up to follow-up on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, as agreed upon at the 70th General Assembly.

“The election of Ambassador Djani Dian Triansyah as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Committee of the UN General Assembly is a form of international recognition of Indonesias economic development amid weakening global economic conditions,” said Adi Anindityo Primasto, Secretary for Political Affairs and Permanent Representative of Indonesia to the United Nations.

Anindityo pointed out that Indonesias chairmanship of the committee is a strategic position it will help the country play its role in deciding international policy, especially regarding crucial issues important to Indonesia, such as poverty eradication and climate change.

In the UN General Assemblys plenary meeting, two other Indonesian diplomats were chosen. These are, Kamapradipta Isnomo who was selected as deputy chair of the Disarmament and International Security Committee (First Committee), and Masni Eriza who was selected for the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (Third Committee).

With the election of three diplomats, Indonesia is now the country with the highest representation in key UN committees.

The UN General Assembly has six committees primarily. These are Committee I in the field of International Security and Disarmament, Committee II for Economics and Finance, Committee III for Social Affairs and Humanitarian Affairs, Committee IV for Political Special and Decolonization, Committee V for Administration and Budget, and Committee VI for Law.

Countries discussed various international issues related to their respective fields in order to reach a decision or a resolution in each committee.

Every year, the UN General Assembly holds a special plenary meeting to elect the president for the next sessions General Assembly, as well as to elect the chairmen and deputy chairmen of the main committees of the General Assembly. (T/R07/R01)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)