Indonesia Consistenly Supports Palestine at UN Human Rights Council

Indonesian Ambassador or Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Hasan Kleib (photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Geneva, MINA – Indonesian Ambassador or Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Hasan Kleib, reiterated Indonesia’s support for human rights of Palestinian who continue to suffer under Israeli occupation.

In the 40th Session of Human Rights Council on Monday, Geneva, Switzerland, Indonesia dismissed efforts of Israel and a number of Western countries that tried to remove Palestinian discussion in the Eye of Agenda 7 concerning the Human Rights Situation in Palestinian Territory at UN Human Rights Council .

“For these developments, Indonesia affirms its support for the discussion of human rights situation in Palestine under Eye of Agenda 7 at UN Human Rights Council, in line with resolution 5/1 as the basis for its establishment,” Ambassador Hasan Kleib said in his written statement.

Ambassador Kleib stated the discussion would continue to be relevant and important as long as the basic rights of Palestinians are still being violated.

Israel as occupying power continues to carry out actions and policies that violate humanitarian law and international human rights law, as long as the international community has not succeeded in overcoming human rights situation in Palestine and stopping Israeli occupation.

In addition, it was affirmed that the UN Human Rights Council also considered unable to eradicate impunity and encourage accountability for violations of basic rights of Palestinian by Israel.

On this occasion, Indonesia also asked the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to issue a database on the involvement of Israeli and multinational companies that took advantage of business activities in the occupied territory. This was seen as important to end the incentives in the occupied territories.

Eye Agenda 7 is a proposal from developing countries and Indonesia as a founding member of the Human Rights Council in 2007. For first time, the results of UN human rights reform mechanism have a special agenda on the human rights situation in Palestine.

Previously, UN Human Rights Commission at that time was seen as a politically laden forum and did not provide an opportunity when injustice and human rights violations by Israel in Palestine took place. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)