Increase Professionalism in Month of Syawwal: Imaam


Jakarta, MINA – Imaam Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) Yakhshallah Mansur stressed that this month of Shawwal must be used to increase professionalism charity.

According to him, professionalism is a work that is doing based on knowledge. Professionalism has at least two characteristics.

The first characteristic requires existence of specialized knowledge and skills, while the second characteristic comes from moral and cultural integrity.

Specialized knowledge and special skills become absolute prerequisite that must be possessed by professionals. This individual ability still needs to be supported by the right management system and work organization, which can put individuals in the right position.

This was conveyed by Imaam Yakhshallah on joint ceremony at At-Taqwa Mosque yard, the Mahad Al-Fatah Bogor, Saturday.

This joint ceremony is a routine event after the Ramadhan holiday and beginning of Shawwal which attended by dozens of Leaders and Managers of institutions such as MINA (Mi’raj News Agency), AWG (Aqsa Working Group), Ukhuwah Al-Fatah Rescue, Amanah Syariah BMT, Mahad Al-Fatah, Markaz 1 and several other institutions.

“Hopefully we can improve our professionalism in order to maximize service for the Ummah,” said Imaam Yakhshallah while delivering the message of the ceremony builder.

On that occasion, Imaam also gave awards to several outstanding staff.

He also hoped the momentum of this month of Shawwal as a month to emulate the spirit and struggle of Prophet Muhammad and his companions in the Al-Ahzab War.

“This war (Al-Ahzab) is the most severe war carried out by Muslims and occurred in Shawwal,” he said.

The Prophet did not stop advocating professionalism. He advised that the work of professionalism was carried out as well as possible. In a hadith of Ahmad’s history, the purpose of Prophet Muhammad was clearly illustrated. Indeed Allah loves His servants who work professional, he explained. (TL/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)